Luxury glamping safari tents outdoors house resort eco hotel tent for jungle

Luxury glamping safari tents outdoors house resort eco hotel tent for jungle

FOB Reference Price: $3,800.00 – $6,800.00 / Sets | 1 Set/Sets (Min. Order)

Product Name
Hotel Tent
On Your Request
Hotel/Resort etc.
Cover Material
PVDF Building
Frame Material
GB Q235 Steel
Strong hot-dip
galvanized steel
Wind load
Max. 120km/h
(can be reinforced)
Snow load
-30℃ – +70℃
Tear Strength
Tensile Strength

Product Detail

Product Tags

Glamping Pods -BnB Accommodation-Garden Office-camping cabin

Advantage of Structure Hotel Tent

1) Strong and durable, can be disassembled and assembled many times by hand, the foot system can be lifted and lowered, can adapt to various topographic uses, do not need special treatment of the foundation, there is no special requirement for the site.

2) Canvas, sunshine panels, glass and other materials can be used as external maintenance materials; the main body is steel frame structure, designed and used for 20 years.

Arc tent/camping pod/glamping cabin/outdoor Hotel building

3) Shape structure and outer panel color can be customized design, size can be designed according to the size of the camp, to meet business needs, to maximize the local environment, play the most beautiful matching effect.

4) Environmental protection, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, strong wind resistance, snow resistance, adapt to various climates; good insulation, noise reduction effect, doors and windows lighting area up to 6 square meters, fully guaranteed the indoor lighting needs, comfortable living.

5) According to the use function, it can be divided into dormitory (standard room configuration), catering (can expand the area), bathroom, conference room, VIP lounge, staff office, etc. It is simple, fast and practical.

luxury camping pod

6) Equipped with solar, wind hybrid power station and outdoor water purification system, it can continuously provide energy and hot water for the camp, and minimize energy consumption.

7) equipped with solid waste sorting processor and small sewage treatment station, the treated reclaimed water can meet the national level B discharge standard, and can be directly used to irrigate green plantations in camps and improve the utilization rate of water resources.

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